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It's Time To Be Edgy Again With EDGE Extended

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EDGE Extended ($0.99) by Mobigame is an updated version of the award-winning Edge that came out in 2009.

If you aren’t familiar with the premise of Edge, let me give you a brief rundown – you simply push a cube around a geometric universe, collecting the prisms (little colored cubes scattered around on a level) as you make your way toward the end (a colorful square of light). Sounds simple enough, right? Of course, everything is easier said than done.

EDGE Extended by Mobigame screenshot

EDGE Extended is not necessarily a sequel to the original, according to the developers, but it is a huge leap forward for the series (if you can call it that). The graphics have been revamped with a new 3D graphics engine (that runs in 60 fps) and even optimization for Retina displays. Extended also brings in 44 new levels for your gaming pleasure, and even has 23 amazing tunes to go along with amazing gameplay.

The controls are pretty straightforward – simply swipe your finger in the direction you want the cube to go. The cube will keep moving as long as you have your finger on the screen. There are also options to control the cube via an on-screen D-Pad or tilt controls. Personally, I am fine with the swiping controls.

In the original, due to the graphics, the perspective of the level was a bit hard to tell. However, in this new version, it is easier to tell where you can’t go with your cube, thanks to the new 3D graphics engine. You will need to observe the environment carefully and combine it with your reflexes and skill. These are necessary to avoid the obstacles that you’ll come across and to collect the prisms and make it safely to the end of the level. Oh, and you’ll meet the Dark Cube along the way, which is a treat.

As you play through the levels, they will start out easy but become increasingly harder as you go. You may die a few times on a level, but it won’t be Game Over or anything like that. Nope, it will just detract from your overall grade at the end. The grade is based on how many times you died, how many prisms you collected, and how long it took you to complete the level. Obviously, the faster you complete it, the better your grade and points will be.

EDGE Extended by Mobigame screenshot

The highest grade you can get is an “S+,” and the lowest you can get is an “F” (of course, right?). It takes a lot of skill to get the top grade, and I’m sure you’ll be replaying some levels just to be a perfectionist with an “S+” grade.

EDGE Extended also includes Game Center achievements, but no leaderboards. There are several that you can get, but the real challenge will actually be the one where you must get the “S+” rank on all levels.

In the end, EDGE Extended is a great puzzle game that should appeal to all iOS gamers. The game is $0.99 and is universal, has beautiful graphics, and an amazing soundtrack to go along with it. Whether you’re new to Edge or a longtime fan, this is definitely a must-have game.

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It's Time To Be Edgy Again With EDGE Extended

It's Time To Be Edgy Again With EDGE Extended