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GifBoom Explodes Animated Image Sharing Onto Your iPhone

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GifBoom: Animated Photos (Free) by TapMojo LLC is a quick and convenient way to create retro animated GIFs like it’s still the heyday of online instant messaging.

The included social functions are a great way to share your creations, and the integration with every social networking site worth mentioning means it’s easier than ever to annoy the heck out of your friends.

GifBoom: Animated Photos by TapMojo LLC screenshot

GifBoom provides a smooth front end user interface for the creation of multi-frame animated GIFs. Those are the images that were most popular as online messaging avatars, if you care to recall the late 1990s and the absolute reign of America Online Instant Messenger.

The app performs in a similar manner to other photography apps like Instagram, offering several tabs of features, including the all important “Post” button. Selecting this option allows users to grab photos and videos from the camera roll, or create new images using the built-in lens. If the latter, GifBoom then gives would-be photographers fine-tuned controls over the shutter speed and frames per second rate. This is a tremendous advantage, and makes fluid animations a genuine possibility.

Once captured, the user can select individual frames for use in their GIF, as well the frame speed of the final product. This leaves a lot of professional control in the hands of the consumer, which is great for exacting artists.

Added to the mix, though, is an overarching social networking function. To use GifBoom, one must sign up for an account with the service, opening up the option to share animations with other users of the app. Not only that, but if it’s your style, you can view what others are sharing via the handy “Feed” tab along the bottom.

GifBoom: Animated Photos by TapMojo LLC screenshot

All in all, it’s a great experience on the iPhone, and one of the easiest ways to create simple, animated GIFs while on the go.

GifBoom is directly comparable to other apps like Instagram or Google’s Pool Party, but it differs in the sense that it’s not offering a social photography pool, but rather a specialized utility for the creation of a specific file format.

With this in mind, GifBoom is a tremendous value for the money -- the app is currently free in the App Store. The social networking functions behaved admirably, making a quick perusal of other’s works only a click away. Likewise, it’s a cinch to post animations to Facebook, Twitter, or email at the end of the animation process.

That being said, GifBoom is perhaps the kind of app you may not know you want, but may quickly learn to love with a little playtime. The fun of creating your own hilarious animations may not be readily apparent to the longtime Instagram fan, but with an open heart and a little fondness for times gone by, you may yet find a place for GifBoom on your iPhone.

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GifBoom Explodes Animated Image Sharing Onto Your iPhone

GifBoom Explodes Animated Image Sharing Onto Your iPhone