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Jump, Shoot And Fly Your Way Into The Heavens In Gorilla Jump

Jump, Shoot And Fly Your Way Into The Heavens In Gorilla Jump

August 11, 2011
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Gorilla Jump ($0.99) by Gorilla Gaming Gmbh is a lovely arcade game where you have a gorilla jumping ever upward from one platform to the next.

There are three types of platform. One is a fixed grass-covered pile of dirt. The other is a solid piece of wood moving from left to right. Lastly, there are also damaged planks which can only take one jump and then break. Once the screen moves upward, it never goes back down so if you miss some platforms, you’re done for.

Gorilla Jump by Gorilla Gaming Gmbh screenshot

The game has no levels, but the layout of the platforms varies each time you play making it impossible to memorize where to jump, which keeps the game fresh.

As you move upward, you will encounter various enemies including snakes, leopards, tribesmen and hunters. Touch any of these or get shot by a hunter and you’ll plummet to an unpleasant demise. Fortunately, there are several things in place to help you deal with these dangers.

As you approach any enemy, a sound will play alerting you to its presence such as the hissing of a snake or the roar of a giant cat. You are able to carry up to five bananas, which can be used to shoot your enemies down. Just tap the screen anywhere and the nearest enemy will be hit. There is no need to aim and you never miss. Those five bananas won’t last long so use them only when needed. Fortunately, though, more can be collected as you jump around.

As you reach greater heights, you will occasionally encounter a bubble. Make sure to jump into it as it gives you one free pass when jumping into or being shot by an enemy.

Get even higher and you will come across a "superman" symbol which allows you to fly swiftly upward for a short time and be immune to anything harmful. You can fly into those baddies all you like. Just be ready for when it wears off as you’ll have to start being cautious again.

Gorilla Jump by Gorilla Gaming Gmbh screenshot

To help you get higher more quickly there are trampolines to give a big boost to a jump, or a jetpack to propel you upward without jumping. The jetpack won’t move you as quickly as being superman and definitely won’t make you invincible, but it still helps a lot.

Gorilla Jump is an extremely addictive game with very smooth controls and it is quite difficult to put down. It’s challenging enough to be fun while making you say to yourself, “just one more try, I know I can do a little better.”

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