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Sparingly Use These Balls To Earn A High Score In Pachinko Frenzy

Sparingly Use These Balls To Earn A High Score In Pachinko Frenzy

August 10, 2011
Pachinko Frenzy by ngmoco, Inc. icon

Pachinko Frenzy (Free) by ngmoco, Inc. is a kind of arcade pinball game except the balls are thrown in from the top rather than launched from the bottom and there are no paddles to stop the balls from disappearing.

More than one ball is allowed at a time, but there is no interaction with them other than letting them drop down. You just watch yourself getting points or not and that’s it.

Pachinko Frenzy by ngmoco, Inc. screenshot

There are two other modes of play, but I have no idea what they are as they are hidden until you can unlock them with inordinate amounts of gameplay or 1,000 balls. This brings us to the major drawback of the game.

You start off with just 50 balls. Once you launch one or more, a 30 second timer is started. Once the countdown is complete, your score is reset and your number of balls remaining stays the same. The only way you get more balls is to receive a new one once every 30 seconds while playing, or one every three minutes while not playing.

That’s ridiculous! There’s nothing to do, but aimlessly throw down balls and on top of that, once I’ve blasted through my initial 50, I have to wait around for one more at a time.

Forgive me if I’ve missed some glaringly obvious, really important aspect of the game, but I don’t see the point of this app and did not enjoy it at all.

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