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Charge Your Ship And Blast Off Into The Stars To Get Home In Torniko

Charge Your Ship And Blast Off Into The Stars To Get Home In Torniko

August 10, 2011
Torniko by Michel Gérard icon

Torniko (Free) by Michel Gérard is a physics based puzzle game. The objective is to collect all the stars on each level by flying into them in the required number of tries.

You are effectively controlling a spaceship. To make it move, press the screen to make the ship rotate and charge up. Pressing the left side of the screen makes the ship rotate left, press on the right to rotate right. When you release, the ship will shoot off.

Torniko by Michel Gérard screenshot

It will always travel in the direction its roof is pointing – away from its legs. The key is to make the ship rotate until it points in the direction you want it to go. Rotating, charging and shooting off the ship is possible even while it is airborne.

On the top right is the objective bar which shows the number of times you can move the ship. Once that bar reaches zero, you can continue playing, but that level will count as a fail. You will not unlock the next level unless you pass the current one.

There are 30 levels plus an additional five bonus levels, which are unlocked only when the first 30 are done perfectly (achieved by collecting all the stars in the minimum number of tries required).

Torniko by Michel Gérard screenshot

The levels vary a lot in their setup and you will have hazards to deal with. There are rings to bounce off of which will accelerate you greatly and you will encounter spikes and bullets which will kill you instantly.

Torniko is an ingenious and addictive game, perfect for all you puzzle lovers out there.

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