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Shove Those Zombies Back Before They Get The Girl In Zombish

Shove Those Zombies Back Before They Get The Girl In Zombish

August 2, 2011
Zombish by seven communication icon

Zombish ($0.99) by seven communication is essentially the old classic puzzle game bejeweled with a twist. Instead of jewels, you are given a board of various zombie faces. The interesting part is those faces represent zombies that are actually coming after you!

Zombish by seven communication screenshot

As it is usual with this kind of game, you have to line up three or more faces vertically or horizontally for those faces to disappear, giving you points and causing more faces to drop down onto the board. Only one face can be moved at a time and it can only be moved one step vertically or horizontally. When there are no more possible moves, the board is cleared and replaced with a new set of faces so the game can continue.

Above the board of faces, there is a woman on the left who has a gun. On the right, a group of zombies have risen and are slowly walking toward the woman. When the zombies reach her, it’s game over. Bejeweled-type games often have a timer, but there’s a surprise in this game.

When you make faces of a certain type disappear from the board, the woman will shoot that type of zombie which pushes it back. Shoot a zombie enough times and it will die. Upon death, all of that zombie’s faces on the board will disappear. A short while later, however, that zombie will rise again (from the extreme right) and you will have to start dealing with its faces on the board again.

Zombish by seven communication screenshot

Having the extra challenge of pushing back specific zombies makes this game a lot of fun. You have to make sure you’re quick enough to always have the right faces come into play or you’ll often find that a stray zombie waltzes right through all of your efforts and catches the girl you need to protect.

A lot of the English in the game is badly translated but since there’s no reading involved whilst actually playing, this should not pose a problem.

If you’ve enjoyed this type of puzzle game in the past, definitely give Zombish a go.

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