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Rich Text Support, Shared Notebooks And More In The Latest Evernote Update

Rich Text Support, Shared Notebooks And More In The Latest Evernote Update

August 22, 2011
If you use Evernote, you will be excited to hear the iPhone and iPad app received a huge update. If you don’t use Evernote, read on, because you may want to give it a try. In addition to speed and stability improvements, there are some awesome new features worth bragging about. This latest version boasts rich text support, access to shared notebooks, the ability to search within notes, a slideshow view, a new iPad interface, passcode lock for premium users, and more! When users provide feedback about what they want, the creators of Evernote listen. One big request was the implementation of rich text support. Now, you can add stylized text such as bold, italic and underline along with highlighting, adding URLs and creating header texts. Shared notebooks is another new feature, and it allows you to view notebooks other Evernote users have shared with you. You cannot edit these notes yet, but that may come in a later update.

In the past you could search for key words across your Evernote account, but now you can search in a specific note. This is a nice way to easily find text or phrases.

There is also a new image viewing feature, which allows you to attach images to a specific note, copy them to your camera roll or use them in another note. The iPad redesign has changed the layout and optimized the use of the iPad screen. In addition to all the above new features, there is an all notes view. Each note is presented as a snippet in rows, so you can see the heading and zoom in and out for more information. This view also allows you to delete or share your notes quickly and easily.

If you are a premium subscriber, Evernote has added a passcode lock so no one except you can get into your notes. This is nice as it provides an added level of security for your sensitive information.

The Evernote blog has some handy how-to features as you work your way through this updated app. Here you will find more instructions on how to best utilize all these great new and important features!

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