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Verizon Is Also Said To Be Stopping Jailbreak Tethering ... Today?

Verizon Is Also Said To Be Stopping Jailbreak Tethering ... Today?

August 9, 2011
Recently, AT&T was reported to be tightening its policy on users who tether for free by jailbreaking their devices. Now it seems that Verizon is following in their footsteps. The only difference is that they are planning to take action and it could be as soon as today. According to Forbes:
The Basking Ridge, N.J.-based carrier now requires users have a hotspot-capable data plan if they want to tether data from their smartphones to other devices. Users who try to tether through jailbreak apps like MyWi will be redirected to a Verizon webpage where they can upgrade to a capable plan.
If there is any truth to this, Verizon iPhone customers will have an advantage compared to AT&T users as Verizon is simply stopping the tether data transfer. They will then tell the user about the available plans that would allow them to add this feature. Whereas, AT&T's reported route would be to upgrade the user automatically, which will cost an additional $20. Additionally, the user can lose their grandfathered, unlimited account. It's times like these when I wish the upper left corner of my smartphone started with a "V." This thought should be no surprise due to the fact that even though Verizon is currently the top U.S. mobile carrier, AT&T's merger with T-Mobile will definitely threaten the throne. However, by following AT&T's every move (carrying the iPhone, ending unlimited plans, and tethering crackdown) instead of setting the tone, Verizon just waits for their competition to slip and game over. As a reminder, you might still be able to circumvent Verizon's limitation using this simple jailbreak app.

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