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As Photovine Winds Down, Here’s How To Retain Your Photos

As Photovine Winds Down, Here’s How To Retain Your Photos

September 29, 2011
Google’s decision to kill the Photovine app means your photos posted there could soon disappear forever. But, it doesn’t have to be. According to an email sent out to Photovine customers, there is a simple way to download those photos from a web browser before it’s too late. According to the email, which was first uncovered by the iDownloadBlog:
“Just because the Photovine app is winding down, doesn’t mean your photos can’t live on! Now you can visit and download all of the photos from your account, directly to your desktop!”
Once at the website, login with your Photovine creditentials and then hit the “Download my Photos” button. Your photos will be downloaded to your computer, 250 at one time. We’re not at all thrilled with Google’s decision to eliminate Photovine. Still, at least the tech giant is giving us a way to save our photos. But, hurry. There is no way of knowing when Google will shut the service down for good. In fact, the app is already gone from the App Store. Thanks iDownloadBlog for the tip!

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