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Excellent Full-Featured Top Camera Releases Free Lite Version

Excellent Full-Featured Top Camera Releases Free Lite Version

September 15, 2011
Top Camera is just one of those apps we love. I have written several articles about it, starting with a review here, and since that time they already released two great updates (read about them here and here). The fact that they update with new features regularly is always a good thing. Here is a list of this app’s amazing features: 1. GENERAL App was designed in cooperation with Artist / Photographer, David Scott Leibowitz to bring you the highest quality in every detail. An extraordinary amount of time was spent designing the interface, to make it as beautiful and intuitive as possible ★ portrait and landscape orientation supported ★ file sharing integration ★ save images to the internal gallery, in system 'Photos' or in both   2. CAMERA In shooting mode, the app provides a host of visual aids to help you take the best photograph possible - quick, intuitive controls, two visual indicators , one to define focus, the 2nd indicator to define exposure, and many more. ★ Video recording ★ Stabilizer ★ Timer ★ Burst - rapid burst (about 6 photos per second) for low and medium quality ★ HDR - Auto and Manual mode available with using align algorithm ★ SLOW SHUTTER - Auto, Manual and Light trail modes with exposure control ★ FOLDERS - organize your photos into folders. You can create new folder, delete, reorder, export, change names and move photos from one folder to another. ★ Zoom slider ★ AWB - lock ★ Screen Button ★ Grid ★ Virtual Horizon - Provides a visual leveling bar to keep your images straight. ★ Exposure box ★ Focus Box   3. PHOTO GALLERY Clicking the picture icon in the lower left corner brings you into the world of Folders, Viewing, Editing and Sharing. When you enter this section of the app, you see the contents of selected folder. ★ Folders ★ Export - paste image to clipboard, export to photos or send by e-mail ★ Share - send one or more images to FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, DROPBOX or FLICKR. ★ Add new photos - import from 'Photos', paste from clipboard or duplicate selected image ★ “Select” mode - when you switch to select mode you can quickly select many images, and then delete them, change folder, send by e-mail, share on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Dropbox/Flickr, export to 'Photos' and copy to clipboard   4. VIEWER “View” button, or double tap on thumbnail will bring up the folder’s images for fullscreen viewing and also give you info options to see the photo’s metadata including a GPS map view. ★ full resolution preview ★ slideshow ★ display image info ★ display GPS location in Maps   5. PHOTO EDITOR Tap on “Edit” button to open powerful photo editor. Here you can crop an image, fix your common photo problems like bad lighting, low contrast, fuzzy colors, apply special effects and add frame. If you are not happy, you can always revert to original image. ★ crop - free mode, keep ratio, square, 2x3, 3x4, 9x16, golden proportions ★ rotate - rotate 90 degrees left/right, flip horizontal/vertical ★ adjust - use sliders to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, improve (definition, sharpen), temperature, tint, shadows, highlights ★ effect - choose one of 36 amazing effects like pencil drawing, auto contrast, sepia, greyscale, retro, grunge, lomo and many more ★ borders - add simple border, vignette or edge blur Now what’s the catch, you’re asking? Of course, since this is a free app, there is one. This free, lite version only saves your photos in low resolution. This may be fine if you’re only sharing photos online with friends and social networks, but if you want full resolution photos, you’ll need the full version of the app. Still, it’s definitely worthwhile downloading the free app; it will help you decide if you want to spend the buck on the full version. Try it out and tell us what you think in the comments below! Top Camera is available for $.99 on the App Store Top Camera Lite is available for FREE on the App Store   [gallery link="file"]  

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