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Fanhattan For iPad Goes Social, Adds VUDU Library To The Mix

Fanhattan For iPad Goes Social, Adds VUDU Library To The Mix

September 13, 2011
Fanhattan for iPad has received its first significant update. The entertainment discovery service now includes links to VUDU and is heavily linked to social networking sites. First released in June, Fanhattan for iPad lets users discover more about their favorite TV programs and movies. Most importantly, the app shows where the program is available for streaming, and when appropriate, opens the necessary app for viewing. Until today, Fanhattan for iPad focused on highlighting programming provided by Netflix, iTunes, Hulu Plus, and ABC. However, now movies and TV episodes in the VUDU library are shown as the default on-demand service. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll still need a VUDU account to actually view the programming, just like you do for Netflix and Hulu Plus as well. VUDU is the streaming video service owned by Wal-Mart. In August, we reported that the service was (finally) available on the iPad. According to Fanhattan CEO Gilles BianRosa:
“Fanhattan makes discovering and watching the TV and movies you love easy – and now you can tap into your network of friends to help you find even more to watch. By increasing our content offering as services expand to the iPad and infusing the Fanhattan experience with information that consumers find useful, we are keeping Fanhattan fresh and making it the best starting point for entertainment on the iPad.”
Fanhattan for iPad has also added Facebook and Twitter integration. By signing into Facebook within the app, Fanhattan automatically populates a list of suggested movies and TV shows drawn from titles recently “liked” by friends. And the sharing goes both ways, Fanhattan now lets users share their favorite TV and movie choices with friends on Facebook by enabling users post their likes directly from Fanhattan.  Additionally, Fanhattan has also integrated the official Twitter streams and Facebook pages for TV shows, movies and celebrities, enabling users to easily get the latest on their favorite entertainment without leaving the Fanhattan app. Fanhattan for iPad is one of AppAdvice’s favorite apps and today’s update makes it better than ever. The free app is available now in the App Store.

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