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Google Music Launches On iDevices

Google Music Launches On iDevices

September 8, 2011
Google is making it easier for iDevice owners to stream their entire iTunes music library. Beginning today, Google Music members may access their entire collection by visiting using Mobile Safari on an iPhone/iPod touch or iPad. Google made the announcement of its new Music webapp via Twitter. First launched in May, Google Music serves two purposes. First, it archives your entire iTunes music collection and continually checks for new additions. These songs are also uploaded. Second, users can play their songs using a web browser Since Day one, Google has provided Android owners with a native Google Music app. However, until today, the service wouldn’t work on Mobile Safari on iDevices. That is no longer the case. The first time you access the HTML site, you must log into your Google Music account and then agree to an allowance of up to 25 MB to be stored on your iDevice. We believe this allowance is for caching purposes only, although has yet to be confirmed. Henceforth, your entire music collection is available with each track sorted by song, artist, album, playlist or genre.


Our initial tests proved satisfactory, with each song playing as expected with very little lag time between songs. In addition, we absolutely love the app’s white on gray interface. Yet, the web app isn’t perfect. For one, stopping s song is next to impossible at times, even when pushing the pause button more than once. Second, avoid moving from vertical to horizontal view. Stick with one format and stay with it. Otherwise, you’ll notice the service is embarrassing slow when it comes to refreshing the web screen. Overall, however, the Google Music web app certainly works as expected when it counts the most – when playing your music. Google Music remains in beta, however you may request a free invitation by visiting the site here.

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