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Ramp, Soar And Pop A Wheelie To Beat The Time In Doodle Moto Race

Ramp, Soar And Pop A Wheelie To Beat The Time In Doodle Moto Race

September 7, 2011
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Doodle Moto Race (Free) by easygame is an arcade racing game that has nothing more than a stick figure on a bike racing through urban terrain. Despite its basic appearance, the game is actually a lot of fun.

The controls are simple. On the bottom left is your forward/backward button. On the bottom right are two vertical arrows which allow you to raise or lower the front of the bike.

Doodle Moto Race by easygame screenshot

The bike can sometimes take a short while to respond and is very bouncy on the terrain. This makes controlling movement quite tricky. In fact, sometimes it can be outright infuriating. However, this is a challenge that adds to the replayability of the game.

I kept saying to myself, “if I don’t get it right soon, I’ll move on.” And yet there I was, trying again and again.

I especially enjoyed trying to do 360-degree spins during big jumps. Be careful with those, however, as landing on your head will reset the level. Unfortunately, doing those spins did not award any extra points so there’s not a huge amount of incentive do them except the initial novelty. In fact, there’s no point system of any kind.

Doodle Moto Race by easygame screenshot

You are initially presented with only eight levels. Each one must be completed in under two minutes to unlock the next level. To obtain more levels, the full version of the game must be purchased for $0.99.

Doodle Moto Race proves games don’t have to be super flashy or complex to be enjoyable. The initial download is free so it’s well worth your consideration.

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