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Match Words And Pictures In Colorful Flare In Gum Drop!

Match Words And Pictures In Colorful Flare In Gum Drop!

September 14, 2011
Gum Drop! by Chillingo Ltd icon

Gum Drop! ($0.99) by Chillingo Ltd is a puzzle game where you have to match words to their respective pictures quickly enough to not let all of your gum drops be squashed.

On the right is an array of nine to 16 cubes with all kinds of pictures on them, from pieces of fruit to animals. On the left is a stack of five differently colored gum drops, sitting on a circular platform, each having a word which corresponds to one of the cube’s pictures.

Gum Drop! by Chillingo Ltd screenshot

The aim is to match up the words and pictures and tap on the correct cube to make it disappear. As you get rid of cubes, more will drop down from the top. Each array of cubes is separated by an orange bar showing which level you’re on. Destroy a cube from the next level’s array and you’re immediately promoted from your current level.

If you tap the wrong picture, the platform will push up your gum drops by a small amount. Let them get pushed all the way to the top and it’s game over. The other danger is if you don’t tap the cube for a particular gum drop’s word, that gum drop will grow ever larger. Eventually it will be so tall as to reach the top which, again, spells game over.

Once a game has ended, you start from the beginning.

The cute pictures and large blocks make this game seem intended primarily for kids, who I’m sure will love it if they enjoy puzzles. However, the colorful entertainment Gum Drops has to offer can be enjoyed by all who take pleasure in lighthearted picture-word games with the rapid action needed under time constraints.

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