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Enjoy This Rollercoaster Of A Race On The Most Unique Single-Track Ever In Jaggy Race

Enjoy This Rollercoaster Of A Race On The Most Unique Single-Track Ever In Jaggy Race

September 13, 2011
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Jaggy Race ($0.99) by SevenOnly is an epic arcade game which has your racing car bound to a single track. Now you may not think that sounds particularly exciting, but where this game really shines is in how unique and interesting that single track can get.

jAggy Race by SevenOnly screenshot

You start off with a great five level tutorial to help you become familiar with the controls and gameplay. For each level, you are shown a preview of what’s to come. You might be surprised by some of the shapes and designs you see.

Tracks will have you racing upside down, backwards, and flipping through the air with no idea of where you’re about to land. Some are long, some short, but they all have to be completed within a set time. The quicker your time, the better your trophy at the end.

The tracks seemed impossible to navigate until I figured out how gravity works in the game. Just be sure to stay near the track, if you fly too far off course, you’ll pop into nothingness and be sent back to the last checkpoint.

You’ll see checkpoints in the form of black and white arched pillars with a pink cube on top that turns blue once you ride past it. The frequent checkpoints are quite a relief as they make mistakes less devastating than they could have been. Flying off track is not your only danger, there are also huge buzz saws and barriers to watch out for and solid blocks to jump over.

jAggy Race by SevenOnly screenshot

Also found on the track are small animals, but they are of no danger to you. You can ride into them all you like; in fact you’re encouraged to by the fact that there are achievements for hitting them all.

Gameplay is smooth and zippy with quick acceleration. The 3D graphics are sharp and colorful across the various environments found in the 20 levels and three bonus tracks.

I love it when an original game like this comes along. You’ll be ramping, jumping and flipping endlessly to your heart’s content. The quick action and achievements make this game a fun challenge you won’t soon tire of. I can definitely recommend it!

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