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ZFlip Is Yet Another Photo Sharing App For The iPhone

ZFlip Is Yet Another Photo Sharing App For The iPhone

September 12, 2011
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ZFlip (Free) by ZFlip is no Instagram killer (it’s not even as good as Mobli), but its unique, border-based functionality and loads of content still make it a viable image sharing utility on the iPhone. It also comes with a healthy amount of social networking, adding another layer of fun to its engaging mix.

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As stated, ZFlip offers similar functionality to other image sharing apps like Instagram, or the native Flickr platform. However, rather than serving as an alternate camera, complete with images filters, cropping utilities, and extensive color correctors, ZFlip takes a different approach.

The app comes loaded with over 100 different designs, most of which take the form of various image borders. These designs are overlaid directly onto the chosen image, which can be pulled from the app's camera control or the Camera Roll.

Designs range from flowery laces to professional grade black trim. There are also several different categories offered here, as well, including: seasonal borders, humorous sketches, classic effects, and everyday designs. The developers promise more content is on the way, implying that users should check back regularly for new categories and additions.

The camera itself is pretty basic, and though it won’t be competing with apps like Camera+, it will certainly get the job done. Once a photo has been snapped, it’s saved to both the Camera Roll and ZFlip’s online servers, which can be accessed using the company’s website.

Photos can also be sent to Facebook or Twitter for easy sharing with your social networking peers. Not to mention the in-app media sharing, which allows ZFlip users to comment, like, or repost photos they see on the public wall.

ZFlip by ZFlip screenshot

All in all, ZFlip is a solid offering, a bit different than Instagram. However, the app isn’t the ideal candidate for those requiring extensive effects and professional photo editing tools.

In fact, ZFlip is very light on anything more than the most basic of cropping, rotating, and scaling utilities. There’s no way to color correct your shots, and those requiring a stabilizer or manually focused camera will be out of luck.

However, if you’d just like to add some clever designs (of which, the app has quite a lot) to your images before sending them to Facebook, ZFlip is your best choice. If you enjoy the in-app community, then the in-house social networking functions will also be a further incentive to use ZFlip.

No matter how you look at it, the app is free in the App Store, meaning there’s no risk involved to give ZFlip a try.

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