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Share Your Favorite Memories With Nostalgiqa

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Nostalgiqa (Free) by HumanSpot is a social networking app that takes digital interaction to a whole new level. Instead of mundane postings from your friends about a new outfit, this app encourages you to tap into your past and share your memories with others. It is on sale for free until Sunday, September 18.

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There are so many social media apps available that it is becoming more difficult for developers to create something original and fresh. HumanSpot has crossed that barrier by creating Nostalgiqa, a social networking app for memories. Inside this app is a treasure trove of innocent reminiscences, funny recollections, and inspiring pasts. The intent is not to be another place for exhibitionists to tell the world every detail of their daily lives, but to humanize people and bring them together in a more meaningful and profound way. Of all the Facebook friends you have, how many do you know of that have had a life changing childhood experience?

You are given two options to start: capture and explore. In the capture section, you can add your own photos and messages for others to see. You can add photos by taking a picture from within the app, or by importing an image from your photo library. The next step is to title the photo and add details about it. This is important because you want to relay the memory of that moment in time to others. You can then add the date, time and place. The app will automatically set up the information based on your current status, but if you are importing images from another time and place, it is easy to change the specifics before saving them. You may not have images to go along with your memories, but you can add them to your memory box as texts. Both text memories and photos can be grouped by “parent memories.” These are categories for various thoughts. For example, you could have childhood memories or family vacations as parent memories.

After you have captured your own memories, you can read others’ moving and inspiring stories. You can explore memories, or fragments. Fragments are single posts, like pictures and texts. Memories are the category that fragments are placed into. For example, you can view someone’s entire collection of childhood memories or just a single post from that category.

Currently, there is no way to connect with friends or family directly, but the developers have an enormous list of updates in the works, including a more complex social networking database. The HumanSpot team has been working on this app for nearly a year. They released Nostalgiqa at an early stage of development as a means to get feedback from others. They have even made the app free for a limited time in order to increase their user base.

Overall, this app is so much more than just social networking. It is a way to learn about others on a deeper level. It is a way to share your memories, not just what movie you are watching, with others. Nostalgiqa has the potential to become the next great social media phenomenon. You can pick it up in the App Store now. It is regularly priced at $0.99, but you can download it for free until Sunday, September 18.

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Share Your Favorite Memories With Nostalgiqa

Share Your Favorite Memories With Nostalgiqa