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The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye To Two iPods

The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye To Two iPods

September 28, 2011
Apple is about to say sayonara to two of its iPods, the iPod classic and iPod shuffle, as early as next week. This news, first published by Tuaw, would make the iPod nano the company’s entry-level device. In doing so, Apple’s entire line of mobile devices would be multitouch. Calling its source “NOT an analyst,” Tuaw claims Apple will soon kill off its sixth-generation iPod classic, which first came on the scene in 2007. Of course, doing so would be a significant move by Apple. The iPod classic (simply known as the iPod prior to 2007) has important DNA, with the first such device released in 2001. In fact, it’s safe to say the original iPod saved Apple and eventually lead to the iPhone and iPad. Of course, since that time, technologies – and Apple – have changed considerably. Today, the frenzy is over multitouch mobile devices that can do more than simply play music. Besides, the iPod classic is the last of Apple’s devices to include a hard drive; the company has since transitioned to flash-based memory solutions. These two points alone, plus low iPod classic sales, make now an appropriate time to say goodbye to the original iPod. With regards to the iPod shuffle, it looks like Apple is committed to making its iPod nano the less expensive of its line. First released in 2005, the shuffle has been updated four times, the last in 2010. Like the iPod classic, the iPod shuffle doesn’t contain a touchscreen and only serves one purpose; to play music. According to Tuaw:
We feel pretty confident that Apple will soon discontinue the shuffle and classic, and we see few changes coming for the iPod touch -- unless you're super excited about it being available in white. The nano will then become Apple's lowest-end iPod (we've heard nothing about a price drop, however) and the iPod touch will remain a premium iPod with its current form factor intact.
Our advice: Now is the time to purchase the iPod classic and/or iPod shuffle. After next week, they may both be history. We’ll keep you updated.

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