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September 13, 2011
As announced last week, the fresh and growingly popular music streaming service,, is now available on the iPhone. The concept of, is to allow users to listen to music selected for them by others, in real time. More precisely, it's like a big virtual nightclub with many rooms and each has its own DJ. You can join a room and listen to what the current DJ is playing, vote on his selection (and have bad songs skipped), or even make a room of your own and become a DJ yourself. is a great service, given that you can find a room that plays music that fits your taste. The biggest problem is facing at the moment, however, is its own popularity, and tends to be slow and buggy at peak hours. Further, you'll notice that while you're free to create new rooms from iOS, the app doesn't allow you to stream your own music on the go, as far as we can tell. That means if you're more of a DJ, you'll still have to depend on a desktop browser. Either way, is a great concept and this new native app will definitely make it even more popular, so be sure to check it out. for iPhone is available on the App Store, free of charge.

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