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NYT: A True Apple Television (Powered By Siri) Is Coming

NYT: A True Apple Television (Powered By Siri) Is Coming

October 27, 2011
In 2007, Apple unveiled the first iPhone; three years later, the iPad was born. Now it looks like Apple is poised to release another “i” device, one bigger in size than the rest. Yes, an “iTV” is likely to come sooner rather than later, according to The New York Times. Even though he died earlier this month, Steve Jobs had “one more thing” to announce, which came by way of his official biographer, Walter Isaacson. Jobs, as quoted in Steve Jobs, “finally cracked it.” By crack it, The Times suggests Jobs wasn't simply talking about an actual Apple television. Rather, it was Jobs recognizing that Siri, the virtual assistant, would be what powered the so-called “iTV.”
Apple engineers and designers, spurred by Mr. Jobs, have been struggling for years to find a new interface for the television. One of the biggest hurdles, according to people with knowledge of the project, has been replacing the television set’s annoying best friend: the awkward and confusing remote control. Apple would give people a way to choose the content on their television that is as easy as choosing the content on their iPod, iPhone or iPad. Alternative remote ideas floated by Apple included a wireless keyboard and mouse, or using an iPod, iPhone or iPad as a remote. None of these concepts worked. But there was one “I finally cracked it” moment, when Apple realized you could just talk to your television.
Called a “guaranteed product for Apple,” by one individual in the know, Apple’s television was envisioned as far back as 2007, one year after the Apple TV first took flight. However, it wasn’t until Apple purchased Siri in 2010 that Jobs and his company ‘got it.’ To reinvent how people watch television would require not another “annoying” remote, but rather something new entirely. Say hello to Siri. While Siri is currently only available on the iPhone 4S, the technology is largely expected to arrive on other Apple products soon, starting with the iPad. From there, Apple will ultimately launch its “iTV” product with Siri onboard. On this, The Times expects Apple to announce its television product by late 2012, with sales beginning in 2013. For more information on the reported "iTV," check out an AppAdvice report from earlier this week. What do you think? Would you buy a Siri-powered iTV? Let us know by using the comments below.

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