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Having Trouble Upgrading To iOS 5? Seeing Error 3200? Here Is What To Do

Having Trouble Upgrading To iOS 5? Seeing Error 3200? Here Is What To Do

October 12, 2011
Today, Apple released iOS 5. But for many, updating to the new mobile operating system (which adds around 200 new features to iOS devices) hasn't been a smooth process. In fact, Apple fans around the world have been plagued by "internal error" iTunes issues, meaning countless iOS device owners have been unable to update to the latest version of the mobile operating system. That's right, just when iPhone owners were beginning to feel cocky enough to torment RIM fans over their BBM outage in Europe, Apple's servers start failing iOS update requests. Obviously, this means iOS users are stuck on their current version and are unable to update. But it also means that if, like me, you decided to throw your iPhone into DFU mode for good measure when the first "error" messages started displaying in iTunes, then your beloved iOS device is quite literally unusable. The cause, we've heard, is indeed Apple's servers. According to Jay Freeman, the "Father of Cydia" (via The Next Web), this is due to the massive amount of interest in the recently released software update - a level of interest, it would appear, that Apple's servers are unable to keep up with. He recently tweeted:
To anyone getting "An internal error occurred." (3200) while installing iOS 5.0, Apple's servers are swamped, and failing half the requests.
To begin with, people were able to download the software update and apply it successfully. Then, it seems, something went wrong. I attempted to update several hours after iOS 5 went live, and ran into the aforementioned issue. Fortunately, we have been able to work around it, and confirmed with numerous people that this is the way to deal with the issue. Simply enough, our solution is to keep trying. Everything is fine with your phone, and you will be getting iOS 5. Apple's servers are simply overloaded, but if you keep trying, it will work eventually. This is what happened to us, and to every single person we talked to. And if for some reason this doesn't work, you can always head to an Apple Store and get your handset fixed or even replaced. Yet, we're positive that if you keep trying, eventually you'll be able to update your iOS device to iOS 5. However, do remember to backup your iDevice before updating. This way whatever happens, you'll get all your data back. To do that, plug in your iOS device into iTunes, right click on it in the left tab, and hit "Back Up". Oh, and if this brings you any comfort, you're not alone: "Error 3200" is now trending worldwide on Twitter. ------- If you enjoyed this article, make sure to download the AppAdvice app. It brings you daily updates on the world of iOS, iPhone, iPad and jailbreak free of charge right to your iDevice - On the App Store now.

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