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Bump, Chase And Run With Colorful Cars In 3D Pixel Racing

Bump, Chase And Run With Colorful Cars In 3D Pixel Racing

October 20, 2011
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3D Pixel Racing ($1.99) by Vidia is a retro arcade racing game that makes use of various weather conditions. These weather conditions make use of giant pixels in a 3D environment, so it's like Minecraft, just without the building part.

I don’t really see the point of having graphics that are so pixelated. They could have ignored the retro approach and given a proper polish to the game without performance issues. Whatever the reason behind it, the game sure is fun to play.

3D Pixel Racing by Vidia screenshot

There’s a range of difficulty and driver assist available, though I personally found the game most fun on the easy and high settings, respectively. Once you’ve chosen which mode to play, you can pick your car and the color. Five of the 11 cars are initially available, the rest have to be unlocked.

There are various modes of play to choose from including: Championship, Single Track, Capture the Flag, Hot Pursuit, and Time Trial. Some of those are self-explanatory; let’s look at the less obvious ones.

Capture the Flag has one car with a flag attached to it. To capture it, ride into the flag carrier’s vehicle and race ahead like mad so he can’t take it right back.

Hot Pursuit has you electing to be a Chaser (police car) or a Target (criminal). The Targets have a health bar overhead. Chasers must ride into them to cause damage and get them off the road. At least three Targets must be eliminated and make sure they don’t get too far ahead.

3D Pixel Racing by Vidia screenshot

My only major criticism with this game is the lack of progression saving. For example, after racing in the Championship, neither your progress through the maps or your previous scores are saved. It means a restart every time you quit. This is a serious flaw and would make the Championship unplayable in the long run.

The other unfortunate, though less serious, issue is the lack of options in the controls. Steering is by tilt and accelerating and braking are by buttons on the bottom right. It’s too easy to miss the acceleration button. I would have preferred having auto-accelerate with only braking on the screen. That would have allowed me to concentrate more on the action and less on exactly where my thumb should land.

Without the lack of saving, 3D Pixel Racing would have been near perfect. That aside, it’s a fun little racing game well worth your consideration.

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