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Have Your Little Ones Learn As They Play In Bubbee Lite

Have Your Little Ones Learn As They Play In Bubbee Lite

October 28, 2011
Bubbee Lite by Breona Kft. & icon

Bubbee Lite (Free) by Breona Kft. & is a puzzle game aimed at young children and is intended to teach them “recognition of colors, logical orders (sic) and concentration.” I’m not sure it does any of that, but they might find it fun to play.

Bubbee Lite by Breona Kft. & screenshot

The idea is simple: if you find two or more adjacent balls of the same color, give them a tap and they’ll float away. There’s no real thought behind it -- you just need to do a lot of tapping.

As you whittle down the number of balls, you’ll have to rearrange them slightly to find more matches. To do this, just rotate the screen and the balls will rearrange themselves a little.

My biggest complaint is that when I went into Settings to type in my name, there was no way to exit back to the main menu. I was just stuck there until exiting and restarting the game. The name change was there, but this is a bug that should be ironed out.

I can imagine a 5-year-old having some fun with this, and it’s a good thing it comes in a lite version.

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