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Blast Your Way Through Space Debris And Pirates In Galactic Gun

Blast Your Way Through Space Debris And Pirates In Galactic Gun

October 28, 2011
Galactic Gun by rdzgames icon

Galactic Gun ($0.99) by rdzgames is an action arcade game where you are flying through various scenarios in space, blasting away at the ships and asteroids before you.

What I like most about this arcade shooter is that, unlike most others of its kind, you don’t die the moment something touches your ship. Another bonus is that you don’t have a limited number of lives lurking somewhere on the screen.

Galactic Gun by rdzgames screenshot

Instead, your ship has a shield, which is visible only when you take damage. The shield is great as it allows you to make mistakes and take a bit of a beating before you’re forced to restart the level. Do look after your shields though, you’ll need them to face the boss at the end of each level.

To fire your main weapon, just tap the screen repeatedly. Watch out for small capsules; if you fly into them they will upgrade your weapons immediately. These upgrades will either add more lasers that you fire off at once or allow you to shoot off a stream of rockets as you tap away.

Galactic Gun by rdzgames screenshot

Scenarios you fly through include lots of asteroids, a junkyard, and pirates. That and a survival stage is all you’ll get in the lite version, but it’s more than enough to try the game out. Getting the full version gives you access to an additional seven levels.

With slightly different mechanics, Galactic Gun is a lot of fun and you’ll be able to enjoy playing over and over again.

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