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Steal As Many Pumpkins As Possible This Halloween In Johnny Jump

Steal As Many Pumpkins As Possible This Halloween In Johnny Jump

October 23, 2011
Johnny Jump by rupas games icon

Johnny Jump ($0.99) by rupas games is an addition to the long list of Halloween games coming out for the month of October. It’s an arcade game where Johnny is running along roof tops trying to collect as many pumpkins as possible.

Johnny Jump by rupas games screenshot

To jump from one roof to the other, just give the screen a quick tap. You can jump in midair by quickly tapping again.

In addition to not falling down between roofs, you’ll have to watch out for the odd boulder in your path or rocket fired towards you. According to the app description, Johnny will start to run faster after a while, but I couldn’t last long enough to see that happen.

There’s only one environment and one level to play on, but each time you play the roofs are distributed a bit differently keeping the challenge fresh.

Once you’ve collected an obscene number of pumpkins, you’ll be able to purchase a new outfit for Johnny to run around in including: a burglar’s mask, a sailor suit and a spider-man suit.

Johnny Jump is simple to pick up and just difficult enough to be entertaining for short periods. There’s also a free version for you to try out.

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