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Fly High As You Aim For The Hoop In Slam Dunk King

Fly High As You Aim For The Hoop In Slam Dunk King

October 7, 2011
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Slam Dunk King (Free) by PikPok is an arcade sports game where your only real goal is to get as many basketballs into the hoop as possible. It's how you do it that will affect your score at the end.

The game has a variety of environments to play in and balls to shoot, but they have to be unlocked by earning crowns (an in-game currency) or by achieving high scores.

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There are three modes: Time Attack, Arcade, and Sudden Death. Initially only Time Attack is available.

In this mode, the basketball hoop is sitting on the left of the screen while balls constantly and automatically fly up on the right side for 90 seconds. As they come up, you can drag them to the hoop for a slam dunk. At first, this seems insanely easy and quite pointless, but what you do with the ball before and after it goes into the hoop increases the number of points you get for the slam dunk.

There are 12 tricks to learn and master. You may discover a few of these moves yourself, but completing Time Attack will increase your rank which in turn unveils additional moves for you to perform. For example, you can bounce the ball off the backboard a few times before dunking it or hold the hoop down after a dunk to quickly accumulate a few additional points.

Make sure you don’t drop too many balls. After three drops, it’s game over. There is also the danger of bombs to watch out for. Along with your basketballs, you’ll have some black bombs flying up on the right. If they hit the hoop, it explodes and must be replaced. To avoid this problem, just drag the bombs in the same way, but away from the hoop.

Slam Dunk King by PikPok screenshot

To help you maximize your high score, you’re also given a mascot bar which sits on the top right of the screen. Each time you score points, the bar fills up a bit. It’s constantly going down, so you’ll have to accrue points fairly quickly to get it to max. Once there, you can tap it for an extra bonus.

The initial mascot you get for free will allow you to get extra points for flicking away bombs. They can do other things though, like preventing bombs from spawning or increasing the points you earn.

Slam Dunk King comes free with ads, but in app purchases can be made for additional crowns or to get rid of the ads which will cost $2.99.

The app is colorful and simple to play. The various tricks to perform and achievements to unlock should make for some fun.

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