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Clear The Table Of Cards With Solitaire Pyramid

Clear The Table Of Cards With Solitaire Pyramid

October 25, 2011
Solitaire Pyramid by Xilva icon

Solitaire Pyramid ($0.99) by Xilva is a popular card game with 28 cards placed face up and arranged in a pyramid with a base of seven free cards. The rest are placed in a deck face down and the aim is to clear the pyramid.

Solitaire Pyramid by Xilva screenshot

Cards are cleared from the pyramid by matching two free cards whose value adds up to 13. Cards are taken at face value except for jacks which count as 11, queens count as 12 and kings count as 13 and can be removed immediately (if free).

If there are no solutions in the pyramid, you can use the deck to expose up to two cards at a time to join with those found in the pyramid. That deck can’t be cycled through though. Once a card from the deck has been turned over, not used and covered up by additional cards, you have to use what’s on top to uncover it again.

With so many possible card layouts and solutions, Solitaire Pyramid is extremely addictive and replayable. There is a free, ad-supported, version of this app so there’s really no reason not to download it.

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