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Record Your Voice And Have It Sung Back To You In Talkapella

Record Your Voice And Have It Sung Back To You In Talkapella

October 15, 2011
Talkapella by Khush Inc. icon

Talkapella (Free) by Khush Inc. is meant to be a fun utility app that records your speaking voice and then plays it back retuned to a song in its limited database.

There are three small buttons along the bottom for: your saved songs, the musical tracks available for your voice to be tuned to, and a list of songs supposedly uploaded by other users.

Talkapella by Khush Inc. screenshot

To record your voice, just tap the screen and then tap it again to stop and have your voice and the song you have chosen put together.

The playback is quite terrible. You can barely make out your voice and the music your voice has been retuned to often sounds nothing like it's supposed to. I had to strain my ears to just make out some familiar notes.

You’re unlikely to find many songs you’re very enthusiastic about anyway.

Once you have saved a recording, you can share it by uploading it. It should then appear in the list mentioned above.

Free or not, I don’t see the value in this app. It’s a poor attempt at making something do the job of Autotune and, quite frankly, isn’t fun at all.

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