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Follow The Weather At Any Location In Weather Drop

Follow The Weather At Any Location In Weather Drop

October 5, 2011
Weather Drop by Naohiko Kosaka icon

Weather Drop ($0.99) by Naohiko Kosaka is a nifty weather app which shows both the weather for a specified location and the location itself on Google Maps.

You start off looking at a map of the American continents, but this app offers access to weather for anywhere in world.

Weather Drop by Naohiko Kosaka screenshot

At the top is a search box. Type in your desired location and you’ll be shown a map with a pin on the point of interest. You’ll also get a pop up showing the highs, lows, and cloud cover for the next five days as well as wind speed, direction, and humidity for the current day.

If the exact location you want is not showing, simply type in the name of a larger town nearby and change the pin’s location. To do this, drag the map so the desired point is in the center of the display, and then press the pin button near the bottom right. Tap "Drag pin to location" when given the option.

Multiple locations can be saved ready for viewing every time you open the app. On the top left, next to the search box, is a plus button which allows you to open up a fresh page with the same starting view.

Weather Drop by Naohiko Kosaka screenshot

Just enter information in the same way as before and the changes are saved automatically. To remove a page, use the trash button on the top right.

Several settings can be modified such as the units used for temperature and wind speed by accessing the Options menu on the bottom left. You can also change the color scheme if the default is not to your liking.

Overall, Weather Drop is a great app for showing weather conditions at several specific locations, but unless you’re desperate to see a Google map of the weather’s location, you won’t find it offering more than Apple’s standard weather app.

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