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Save Your Neighbors And Put Smiles On Their Faces In ZombiePanic

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ZombiePanic ($0.99) by NTAFF is an arcade shooter game. It’s your job to not only put a stop to the zombies coming out of several properties, but also to put smiley faces on all the doors by saving at least one person at each one.

You are presented with nine doors of which only three are visible at a time. Along the top are nine symbols, it’s not obvious what shape they are meant to be representing exactly, but each one does represent one of the doors available to you.

ZombiePanic by NTAFF screenshot

Three green rectangles show which three doors you are currently focused on. Out of each of those three doors, something could emerge. You could either get a person which needs to be saved, a person which turns into a zombie and needs to be killed, or just a zombie, which also needs to be killed.

If a person appears and does not change or get killed, that person is considered as having been saved and a smiley face will appear over the corresponding door symbol. If you accidentally kill someone, you will lose a huge chunk of your health bar along the bottom left.

When a zombie is trying to emerge, that door’s symbol will show a blue exclamation point, but the zombie can only emerge when you’re looking at that door. The quickest way to make a kill is a headshot. You will have to keep dealing with that door until you save someone there, but feel free to move on and come back to it later.

ZombiePanic by NTAFF screenshot

Put smiley faces on all the doors and you’ve completed that mission.

There is an unlimited mode in addition to the normal mode that seems to have a lot more zombies to kill, no smiley faces to worry about, and an automatic change of which doors you are dealing with.

Progressing through the various levels will give you access to more powerful weapons and tougher zombies.

ZombiePanic has a free version so if you’re into touch shooters, do check it out. Don’t expect to be too impressed though, action is not quite as exciting as it could be and you never leave the doors.

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Save Your Neighbors And Put Smiles On Their Faces In ZombiePanic

Save Your Neighbors And Put Smiles On Their Faces In ZombiePanic