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The Deal Of A Lifetime: The AppAdvice App Goes Free For iOS 5

The Deal Of A Lifetime: The AppAdvice App Goes Free For iOS 5

October 13, 2011
Good news everyone. If you're still one of the few missing out on the great AppAdvice app action, we've got a big surprise for you. For a limited time, we're giving AppAdvice away free of charge. That's right! To celebrate the launch of iOS 5, and the iPhone 4S, the AppAdvice app is going free, for everyone to enjoy. We think we have a terrific app (and I know what I'm talking about), and we're hoping that we can get a lot of people on the AppAdvice train. Indeed, the AppAdvice app has been doing incredibly well since its launch last year, and has constantly been at the top of the news charts. Yet, we know many of you are still relying solely on the website and the mobile view, and that's just not right. We're going free through the weekend to make sure everyone has a chance to try the app that we are so very proud of. We think it's a great deal since it takes over 30 people every day to bring you all the news and reviews that you really care about. Once you download the app, you'll get all of our content, Push Notifications, as well as future updates free of charge. Therefore, if you don't have it yet, make sure to check it out. And if you're already do, make sure to tell your friends about it, as you know they could use it. Originally we wanted to go free to celebrate our new app AppsGoneFree.  That's right, Tyler's popular column is now an app!  Unfortunately  it's still stuck in the review process so we're going free anyway.  We can celebrate that app soon when the time comes. You can find the AppAdvice App - Now Free Of Charge - On The Apple App Store.  

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