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The Recently Updated Rebtel VoIP App Can Switch Between Voice And Data Networks

The Recently Updated Rebtel VoIP App Can Switch Between Voice And Data Networks

October 14, 2011
There are plenty of VoIP apps in the App Store, but the new version of Rebtel is quite different. Unlike its competitors, Rebtel can switch between data networks and voice networks when users make a call with the app. This means that, when making a VoIP call over a Wi-Fi or cellular data network, users won't experience dropped calls if the Internet connection fails. Impressive, right? According to VentureBeat, Rebtel is the first iPhone app to do this, and calls the service "KeepTalking." As outlined in the app's release notes, features include:
  • NO NEED TO ADD CONTACTS and ask for permission. If you have their phone number you can call for free or very cheap.
  • You can call people who don’t have the app installed
  • WE HAVE EXPERIENCE ON THIS: since 2006 we are the preferred option for international calls on their mobile for over 10 million people. We are good at what we do and now we want to make it free.
  • NEVER HANG UP A CONVERSATION: Top quality ensured. Revolutionary KeepTalking™ functionality - Possibility to change the call connection type from WiFi or 3G* to a standard call using local minutes by pressing “KeepTalking™ during an ongoing call. This allows you to never hang up an important call just because as you move, your Wifi or 3G* signal weakens.
  • MAKE A CALL 5 SECONDS FROM NOW: extra simple sign up, we just need the number you want to use and you can call for free immediately. Remember you have 5 min for your first call.
Currently, Rebtel is available to download for free in the App Store. Take a look at the recently updated application now, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

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