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Atari Release Asteroids: Gunner

Atari Release Asteroids: Gunner

November 14, 2011
Atari, in the retro gaming era, played a massive role in evolving and developing the way we all play games. Now Atari have released a modernised version of their all time classic, Asteroids, to the the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The application is controlled via two thumb sticks, which work really well. Other listed features include;
•3 galaxies and 150 non-stop waves to test your rock-obliterating skills •Three different ships to pilot: the Miner, Bomber and Dart •Tons of power-ups and skill upgrades •Unlock over 200 achievements to earn rank promotions and gain more upgrades •OpenFeint and Game Center integration
The graphics are really nice, this is a great modernisation of an all time classic and the price? Free. Thats right, you can download this revamped version of the arcade classic off the App Store free of charge.  

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