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Infinity Blade Original Soundtrack Released

Infinity Blade Original Soundtrack Released

November 18, 2011
Gamers will have to wait until the Dec. 1 for the highly anticipated Infinity Blade II. In the meantime, they can listen to music from it. Yesterday, "Infinity Blade: Original Soundtrack," was released. The soundtrack is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Zune. As stated on the Epic Games website:
From acclaimed composer Josh Aker (Shadow Complex, Undertow, Infinity Blade), Infinity Blade: Original Soundtrack features the original music from Infinity Blade and the highly anticipated Infinity Blade II. The 25-track album includes the lush orchestral and world music elements that define the soundscape of the best-selling video game created by ChAIR Entertainment.
When people think of Infinity Blade, they often think of its amazing graphics. However, those who've played the game know that its soundtrack contributed heavily to the game's epic feel. For fans of the game, as well as fans of such music, "Infinity Blade: Original Soundtrack" is definitely worth a listen.

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