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Live A Healthier Life With Jawbone's UP Wristband

Live A Healthier Life With Jawbone's UP Wristband

November 4, 2011
Yesterday, Jawbone announced a brand new product called "UP." This colorful, clever wristband syncs with users' iPhone and iPod touch, and allows them to track their daily activity, sleep patterns and eating habits, making it easier than ever before to improve one's personal health. The wristband features MotionX technology, and can accurately monitor users' movement and sleep activity. Once you're using UP, it's possible to track your steps, distance, calories burned and GPS routes; when sleeping, UP can monitor your sleep quality, and can choose to wake you at exactly the right point in your sleep cycle. Furthermore, the wristband can vibrate to alert users if they've been inactive for a prolonged period of time. After eating a meal, you can use a dedicated iPhone and iPod touch app to log how you feel, ultimately allowing users to figure out which meals make them feel best (within this app, you can also view your activity and sleep history, and create and join fun challenges). UP will be available to purchase from November 6, from Jawbone's website or from Apple, AT&T, Best Buy and Target stores in the United States. For more information, head over to the UP product page at Jawbone's website. [gallery]

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