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Localscope Is Half Off From Now Until Cyber Monday

Localscope Is Half Off From Now Until Cyber Monday

November 24, 2011
Last year, we reviewed the handy, and well-designed, GPS and location app Localscope. To kick off this holiday season, Cynapse is offering a 50 percent discount on Localscope! Starting today, November 24, to November 28, Localscope will be available at the special price of only $0.99. From Cynapse:
This is our way of thanking the entire iOS community, including our users, our critics and fans, without whom we couldn’t have made a mark in the App Store. In the coming month, we are gearing up to release a ground breaking v2 of Localscope that will enable users to tap into user-generated visual and social content to discover places; in a way that has never been experienced before. Our goal is to make Localscope a location browser that lets users search, discover, share and curate geo-relevant social and public information about their vicinity intuitively.
It sounds like Localscope has a lot in store for its users coming up. I know I can’t wait to see what they do with it next. So, go grab yourself a copy of this fantastic location tool, that is, if you haven’t already purchased it. This is my personal favorite location and GPS tool for the iPhone. Give it a try! Localscope is on sale in the App Store for only $0.99 until Cyber Monday (November 28)! [gallery link="file"]

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