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Free All The Bugs Before They're Gobbled Up In Greedy Spiders

Free All The Bugs Before They're Gobbled Up In Greedy Spiders

November 12, 2011
Greedy Spiders by Blyts icon

Greedy Spiders ($0.99) by Blyts is a puzzle game that has bugs stuck in a spider’s web. It’s up to you to help free those little guys before the big black spider can get to them and gobble them up.

The game is played in turns with the spider. He can only move to one new node at a time and when it’s your turn, you have to use the scissors to cut a section of the web.

Greedy Spiders by Blyts screenshot

Once a bug is on a section of web that is completely disconnected (or if it’s on no web at all), the bug will be free and will fly away. All bugs on the screen must be freed to unlock the next level.

After a few levels, you’ll also be given other items to help the bugs, such as a limited number of flames that can burn away whole sections of web.

The number of moves you use to free the bugs will determine how many stars you get for that level, up to a maximum of three. There are 32 levels in the first section and all of them must have three stars to unlock the next section.

There are four sections total so there’s really quite a lot to do here.

Greedy Spiders by Blyts screenshot

The game is initially very simple, making it look as though it’s really only fit for children. However, the challenge progresses steadily, especially once you realize there’s the constant danger of the spider getting himself onto a node that gives him access to two bugs. Since you can save only one, allowing this situation is a game ender. You’ll definitely want to avoid it.

If you come across a level you just can’t solve no matter what, you can elect to be shown the solution in order to progress. Be aware, however, that this option is available only once every 12 hours.

In spite of its initial simplicity, Greedy Spiders is a very engaging puzzle game that will have you stumped more than once. It’s a lot of fun and is available in a free version, so go ahead and give it a try.

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