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Take To The Air And Avoid The Trees In Meteora+

Take To The Air And Avoid The Trees In Meteora+

November 7, 2011
Meteora+ by Andy Abgottspon icon

Meteora+ ($3.99) by Andy Abgottspon is an arcade game that has an airplane flying low along the surface of various types of terrain, where all have trees to be avoided and portals need to be collected.

There are two types of control available: accelerometer and gestures.

Meteora+ by Andy Abgottspon screenshot

With the former, you control direction of the plane by tilting left or right. You don’t have to worry about accelerating yourself forward or moving up and down; the plane flies at a constant speed and automatically adjusts its height to match the terrain.

You will, however, have to avoid hitting any and all pine trees as doing so will lose you one of your three lives.

Gesture Control requires the iPhone 4/4S or iPad 2 since it makes use of the front camera. You’ll be given a small box on the bottom left displaying what that front camera sees, which is bound to be your head, unsurprisingly. The display will have a green rectangle that you’re able to use to focus on whatever you want to control the game with. I chose my face.

Meteora+ by Andy Abgottspon screenshot

As I moved my head side to side, the green box would follow, indicating that the camera was tracking me properly. However, the plane did not respond and just kept veering off to the right. This is unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected. This kind of technology is notoriously sensitive to lighting conditions.

Meteora+ has great music and good controls, all the more so if you can get gesture control to work. It’s more expensive than I would expect for this kind of game, but if you do invest in it, you’re sure to get some fun times in return.

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