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Collect All The Orbs As You Spin And Roll Around The Red Dangers In Orb Zone

November 16, 2011
Orb Zone by schütze lorth interactive media icon

Orb Zone (Free) by schütze lorth interactive media is an arcade tilt-based game that has a ball, with a smiling face, that you must move over shiny blue orbs and cones, while avoiding all the red hazards.

There are three kinds of red hazards. They may look similar, but there are some differences in their appearance and the dangers they present.

Orb Zone by schütze lorth interactive media screenshot

The first has what looks like a round LED light shining out the top of his head. It will just sit there looking miserable. If your ball touches it in any way, it will explode.

The second has a cone shaped light on his head and will sit under the floor. You can safely roll your ball over him except for when it pops up in which case it becomes the same as the above hazard; touch it and it’s game over.

The third hazard has no light on his head. Instead, it has small projections in its sides that will periodically fire a steady laser beam. In this case, you can have your ball bounce against the hazard all you like, but touch that laser beam even once and you’ll have to restart the level.

There are also raised sections of floor lit up purple. They form physical barriers which you can bounce off of or hide behind any time you want. Just make sure you don’t bounce into a hazard.

Orb Zone by schütze lorth interactive media screenshot

Once you’ve collected enough orbs, a portal will open up in the floor allowing you to complete the level and move on to the next one. Collecting all the orbs will allow you to score the gold achievement.

The best part of this app is that the ball’s spin is taken into account when it moves across the board. If you try to suddenly move the ball in a particular direction, but it has enough angular momentum, the ball will resist the change in direction. This makes it somewhat unpredictable and more interesting.

Orb Zone is a lot of fun with shiny graphics and energetic music. The physics engine used to control the ball makes this a game of intense action and high replay value. It's also a free game without ads, which makes it even better.

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