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Choose The Best Stats And Win All The Cards In PuppyTrumps

Choose The Best Stats And Win All The Cards In PuppyTrumps

November 11, 2011
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PuppyTrumps ($0.99) by Davies Meyer GmbH is an iPhone version of an old type of game, where you have a deck of cards containing various bits of information that will be compared across the cards. In this case, we’re comparing puppy stats.

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The stats being looked at are weight, size, life expectancy, caretaking and birth rate in 2010. You start off by choosing to play for 10 or 20 rounds, or just play all the cards. You are then allowed to make the first move, which will always be against the iPhone.

Tap on the stat that you think is most competitive and this will be compared to your opponent’s (the iPhone) card. Whoever has the best value wins and keeps that card. A high value will win in all categories except caretaking, where a lower value is actually better.

Whoever holds the most cards after the selected number of rounds is the winner unless you choose to play all rounds in which case you’ll need to leave your opponent with no cards.

PuppyTrumps by Davies Meyer GmbH screenshot

Each card displays a polished look and a high quality photo of the dog in question. There is also an info button you can tap to learn more about the animal. For some reason, however, this only works for your own cards. You can’t view the extra information from a card being played by the iPhone.

My only criticism here is that there is no multiplayer version. Implementing this feature would surely be a challenge considering that the players are not meant to see each other’s cards. However, something that worked over Wi-Fi or through the Game Center might be worthy of a future update.

PuppyTrumps is clean and well-presented. It offers the opportunity to learn while playing, and for dog-lovers it’s sure to be a real treat.

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