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Help This Hungry Mouse To Reach The Cheese While Avoiding The Traps In Snap Trap

Help This Hungry Mouse To Reach The Cheese While Avoiding The Traps In Snap Trap

November 24, 2011
Snap Trap by 8 Bit Grenade icon

Snap Trap ($2.99) by 8 Bit Grenade is a puzzle game that has a hungry mouse, who just wants to eat as much cheese as possible. Unfortunately, to get it, he must navigate through mazes with hazards, such as mousetraps.

Snap Trap by 8 Bit Grenade screenshot

To start playing a level, tap the mouse and be prepared to have him start moving forward. You can't stop his forward movement, but you can control his direction. By tapping on the screen to the side of the mouse's head, you will cause the mouse to make a sharp turn and start moving in that direction.

You can always see the layout of each level right from the start. The mouse will be on the bottom left and his exit door will be on the top right.

The door is initially locked and will be opened only when all the cheese has been collected.

You will also see all the hazards the mouse has to face. In addition to the mousetraps, there is an electrified barrier running along the edge of the room and small groups of pencils that will periodically shoot up out of the floor.

Being caught by any hazard will end the game and require a restart of the level.

Snap Trap by 8 Bit Grenade screenshot

The point system works differently for this game compared to most others. You don't earn points; you try to keep them. Each level starts with 10,000 points, which steadily decline from the moment you tap the mouse.

It's a kind of timer, but when it reaches zero, you don't have to restart. You can keep playing and complete the level, which will unlock the next one. The only downside is that your score won't be as high.

It's actually quite difficult to get a good score as the points drop so quickly.

Snap Trap is a surprisingly challenging game. Completing some of its levels requires care, patience and timing. I can’t see it having the staying power of a true classic, but it certainly will keep your mind busy for a while.

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