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Blueprint 3D Toughens Up Through A New Christmas Levels Pack And Two New Stages Of Difficulty

Blueprint 3D Toughens Up Through A New Christmas Levels Pack And Two New Stages Of Difficulty

December 13, 2011
Over the weekend, FDG Entertainment released the first update to their hit puzzler, Blueprint 3D. In v1.1, FDG goes beyond simply posting a holiday update to the app. To satisfy a popular request, the latest version of Blueprint 3D and Blueprint 3D HD also include two new difficulty stages and improved game interruption handling. Increasing the total to eight, the Christmas levels pack adds 32 new Christmas-related puzzles to solve, and is accompanied by a new leaderboard to climb and a new trophy to achieve. Along with blueprints of Santa, a wrapped gift, a wreath, Christmas trees, reindeer, and so on, this festively green background package additionally contains snow sleds, candy canes, a gingerbread house, a snow globe, a penguin, a cuckoo clock, ice skates, snowflakes, and more. As I was saying earlier, FDG decided to address a request made through reviews of Blueprint 3D posted in the App Store. Despite enjoying the game and rating it highly, some customers distinctively mentioned that they felt the gameplay was too easy, resulting in a uniquely fun but short experience. To toughen things up, Blueprint 3D v1.1 offers Advanced and Pro difficulty options to accompany the original, now identified as "normal." • Normal: Sensitive auto-completion and "top" hint • Advanced: No "top" hint, no blueprint labels, and 1.5x score multiplier • Pro: Layers, no "top" hint, no blueprint labels, and 2.0x score multiplier What does FDG mean by "layers?" In Pro, each blueprint still remains in a three-dimensional fracture. However, instead of controlling all of the fragments with a single move, you must align two sets of fragments separately to create the 2-D image. There is the ability to do the full alignment and rotation one set at a time or align the two sets together and move both simultaneously for the final rotation. The new difficulty stages are selectable in the bottom left of the levels pack and level select screens. The Christmas levels pack is unlocked once you've earned 280 or more stars amongst any of the other seven levels packs. Other changes made in Blueprint 3D and Blueprint 3D HD v1.1 include: • Progress is now saved in each level • Minor fixes Blueprint 3D is designed for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 3.1 or later, and available in the App Store for $0.99. Blueprint 3D HD is compatible with iPad running iOS 3.2 or later, and available in the App Store for $2.99.

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