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Evernote Wants You To Remember Everything - Launches Two New Apps

December 7, 2011
Evernote today announced the arrival of two new apps into the App Store. Evernote Food helps people remember their favorite meals and food experiences, while Evernote Hello helps folks remember others when they meet them for the first time. The new apps were unveiled first at the Le Web conference in Paris, according to TechCrunch. Food’s premise is relatively simple. Whenever you experience a meal you’d like to remember, take a photo of it. Then, add a title, your location, tags, captions, and additional notes about the experience. Because Food integrates with Evernote’s note-taking service, your favorite meals are accessible from any device. Naturally, Food also has a social networking component. Favorite meals can be shared with others using Twitter, Facebook, or through email. Take a look:

Meanwhile, Hello hopes to (finally) replace the business card by helping folks remember people they meet. To do so, Evernote suggests giving the person your iPhone so that they can create a profile within the Hello app. Better yet, they’d like to see both parties using the app; so each meeting begins or ends with the exchanging of iPhones. Then, in the comforts of your home or office, you can add photos, notes, and impressions of the person you just met. Like Food, Hello is fully integrated with Evernote, making finding contacts anywhere simple. Take a look:

Evernote Food and Evernote Hello are available now in the App Store. Both are free as is the Evernote app.

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