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ISO500 For 500px - View The Beautiful Photography Of 500px On Your iPhone

ISO500 For 500px - View The Beautiful Photography Of 500px On Your iPhone

December 14, 2011
If you're a fan of the popular 500px photography website, download ISO500 for 500px (free) in the App Store now. This recently updated application allows Apple fans to view 500px' photography on an iPhone or iPod touch, and looks fantastic in the iOS devices' Retina display. In the application, you can browse through a number of categories (Editor's Choice, Popular, Incoming and Fresh), view full-size photographs and even view authors' galleries, if a particular image captures your attention. It's also possible to vote for photos, add them to your favorites and even share them via Facebook, Twitter or email. A couple of days ago, ISO500 for 500px received an update (1.2). As outlined in the app's release notes, the following changes were made:
  • Added supports for comments (reading and composing new comments)
  • Link to a photographers gallery from anyone of his photos
  • New animations
  • Share photos via email
  • Add photographers to your friends
  • Remove photographers from your friends
  • Added the author's username when sharing via Twitter
  • New login form
  • Better handling of screen orientation
  • New user interface
  • Bug fixes
  • Multiple contacts pages
  • In app settings
Take a look at ISO500 for 500px in the App Store, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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