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iTunes Match Arrives For Europe, Australia, Canada And Mexico — And It's Working!

December 16, 2011
The popular iCloud music service that Apple launched in the United States a month ago — and Brazil and Latin America a couple of days ago — was supposed to be available to even more of the world today. It was a bit of a surprise initially, as we didn't think Apple was launching it internationally until next year. As it began to roll out, though, it seemed that something was wrong. Users were reporting that they did indeed have iTunes Match in iTunes, and were being asked to accept the terms of service again, but iTunes Match just wasn’t working. After almost an entire day of confusion and frustration, iTunes Match is finally available for international users — and it’s working! The music matching service is now available in Europe, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. The price for the service in these regions are as follows (per year):
  • Europe €24.99
  • UK £21.99
  • Australia AU $34.99
  • Canada CAD $27.99
  • Mexico MXN $300
  Apple also plans on rolling out the service to even more regions soon. We’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, happy matching to our international readers!

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