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JabMe, The Hilarious Social Entertainment App, Receives An Update

JabMe, The Hilarious Social Entertainment App, Receives An Update

December 6, 2011
JabMe, XVision’s social entertainment and communication app, is out with a new update. The new version includes a new FaceJab interface that lets you jab your friends with your finger, and other cool features. The free app lets users perform a virtual poke or punch to get someone’s attention. It is also integrated nicely with Facebook and Twitter, which makes finding friends to hassle that much easier. However, the iPhone app is also a game, which could be its biggest strength. As our own Casey Tschida commented when the app first arrived in October:
It is indeed true that XVision’s creation isn’t the first app of this kind, but JabMe does have at least one unique feature: it’s also a game. Each jab sent will get you closer to being number one on the Jabs leaderboard, and probably even closer to friends giving you a real shoulder punch the next time they see you. In addition, five achievements exist as an acknowledgement to just how big of a jabber you truly are.
In addition to the new FaceJab interface, JabMe Version 3.1 also includes SmartJab, which allows JabMe to choose an action automatically when you jab, making for faster jabbing. Finally, the update includes a new search bar for jab actions. JabMe, which was recently named AppAdvice’s iPhone App Of The Week, is available now in the App Store.

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