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Martin Rooney's Very Own Pushup App

Martin Rooney's Very Own Pushup App

December 30, 2011
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Pushup Warrior ($0.99) by Training For Warriors, LLC is the first of many apps soon to come from the renowned Martin Rooney. The app focuses on the importance of the pushup and how it can be used to maintain mental and physical body strength.

Users will find themselves being constantly challenged with an assortment of workouts. Each workout is designed to help users push themselves past their limits. This app features over 100 different workouts, as well as video demonstrations of how to complete the workouts. Even though this app isn’t packed with an abundance of features, the exclusive workouts make it one of a kind.

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The app is simple and doesn’t have too many views or menus; it’s broken down into three areas. These include the “Warrior Challenge,” the “Pushup of The Day,” and “Workouts.” Users can check everyday for a new pushup of the day, while also choosing from their routine workouts.

The Warrior Challenge however is more of a way of measuring a user's progress as they use the app. It’s broken down into three challenges: a one, three, and four minute challenge, each designed to see how many pushups can be done in that timeframe. There also a couple of guidelines and rules to follow when doing the Warriors Challenge.

When completing individual workouts users will notice that the workouts have two different styles. Some involve a time component, while others have a specific goal of repetitions to achieve. A select few of the workouts just rely on users inputting how many reps they were able to complete.

Even though Pushup Warrior doesn’t boast as many features as other leading health and fitness apps, it does provide a very simple, unique workout experience.

Those who are familiar with Martin Rooney will definitely appreciate this and future apps to come. Be sure to look for this one in the App Store.

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