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Quickly Change Your Screen's Brightness With Dimmer

Quickly Change Your Screen's Brightness With Dimmer

December 3, 2011
If you're anything like me, then you know how much of a hassle it is to get ready for bed, turn out the lights, and pull out your phone for a quick bedtime read, or gaming session, only to be blinded by how bright your screen is. Thanks to a new app called Dimmer, burning retinas are a thing of the past. The app is very straightforward and couldn't be any simpler to use. Once you launch the app, you are presented with a light switch. Slide down to "MIN" to dim your screen to its darkest setting, and slide up to "MAX" for, well, its maximum setting. You can also toggle an advanced mode on, in which you can fine tune  your brightness with "+" and "-" buttons that increase or decrease the brightness by 1/100. The advanced mode also allows you to create two presets, each of a different brightness, that can be set with one push. You can even set Dimmer to automatically load a preset brightness upon launch.

The best part is, once you make your brightness change and leave the app, your device retains its settings. Let's say you're in a dark movie theater and for some reason, you need to check your phone often (despite what the pre-movie advertisements are telling you). Instead of going into the Settings app, clicking Brightness, and adjusting from there, you can just open Dimmer, and depending on your settings, that may be the only step you have to take to dim your screen. For me, this app will be extremely useful, especially since Apple seems to have killed the home screen shortcuts that we recently covered. Be sure to check out Dimmer, which is free in the App Store.  

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