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Retro iStation - The Ultimate Holiday Gift For Any Apple Fan?

Retro iStation - The Ultimate Holiday Gift For Any Apple Fan?

December 1, 2011
Retro iStation is a new accessory that can turn your iPad into an Apple I. If you were an Apple fan back in the '70s you'll undoubtedly remember the original Apple Computer, referred to now as the "Apple I." This impressive machine, which came with four KB of standard (but expandable) memory and retailed at $666.66, has become something of an artefact or even an idol in terms of Apple's history. However, unless you're still holding on to your original Apple I computer (or have a spare $200,000) it's unlikely that any of us will have a vintage Apple Computer sat on our desk anytime soon. The Retro iStation accessory, which you can grab in the MIC Gadget store for just over $85, looks impressive - almost as impressive as the original machine. For $85.90, iPad owners can dock their tablet in the Retro iStation and interact with it via a Bluetooth keyboard. But that's not all. The iStation also packs stereo speakers and a subwoofer, so you can blast some of the '70s greatest tunes out of the accessory and pretend you're sunbathing in Palo Alto. As outlined over at the store's webpage:
  • High density plywood body construction
  • Faux Woodgrain Surface or White Pearl glossy finishing
  • Stereo speakers with subwoofer
  • Hi-fidelity stereo sound via Bluetooth or 3.5mm Stereo Line-in Jack
  • Direct MP3 playback from USB Flash Drive or microSD (TransFlash) via built-in USB port / microSD slot
  • Removable, portable Bluetooth keyboard (U.S. keyboard layout)
  • Special function keys for music control, volume control, slideshow, home, search, etc.
  • Charge your iPad / iPad 2 or keyboard using the USB port on the iStation
If you like the look of the Retro iStation, head on over to the MIC Gadget store and grab yours now. The accessory would also make a great holiday gift, too. The webpage currently notes that there is a "limited stock" available, and as a result customers can only purchase one iStation in any single transaction - so if you want an iStation, be quick! For more information, including images of the Retro iStation and the option to purchase the accessory, head over to the MIC Gadget store.

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