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Apple Accidentally Launches Curious "GameStore" iPhone Application In The App Store

Apple Accidentally Launches Curious "GameStore" iPhone Application In The App Store

January 2, 2012
Apple has recently launched a new application in the App Store called "GameStore." However, the application appears to have been used in the past for internal testing, and has simply been accidentally launched in the App Store by mistake: the app itself serves no real purpose, only allowing customers to make numerous in-app purchases for content that doesn't exist. The app appeared on December 31, though its post date is listed as June 9, 2009. This was during 2009's WWDC conference, just before Apple launched iPhone OS 3.0 and in-app purchasing. It would appear that the application was used for internal testing at Cupertino, CA, and has been accidentally released into the wild. As MacRumors notes:
The app is priced at $0.99, with the three in-app purchases currently available through the app priced between $0.99 and $2.99. Additional in-app purchases shown in the single screenshot shown on the App Store page for GameStore show items as high as $26.99, but these other items are not currently visible in the app itself. In-app purchases made through the app do go through and users' accounts are charged for them, but with no actual game supporting the content available, they have no functionality.
Therefore, we would obviously advise our readers to not purchase and download the $0.99 GameStore app, even though it has been published by Apple. It's likely that the application will soon be removed from the App Store.

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